What does IPAPIC stand for?

Illinois Psychological Association Psychology Internship Consortium (IPAPIC).

What is the relationship between the Illinois Psychological Association and the IPAPIC?

The IPAPIC is a non-profit (501 c 3) corporation independent of the Illinois Psychological Association (IPA). The IPAPIC was created by the IPA to develop doctoral internship opportunities in the state of Illinois. Being a consortium, our faculty are drawn from the psychological community in the state of Illinois, thus utilizing the resources of academic departments, community agencies, and independent practitioners in providing organized and sequential training for interns. IPAPIC membership sites reflect the breadth of client populations and intervention modalities available in the State of Illinois. We take pride in providing intensive training in culturally responsive clinical practices.

The IPAPIC is member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC). The doctoral internship is an APPIC-member training program. Therefore, the IPAPIC participates in the National Matching Service. A primary goal of IPAPIC is to assist trainees in becoming Licensed Psychologists.

What is the Mission Statement of the IPAPIC?

The mission of the IPAPIC is to offer quality and scholarly psychology training to doctoral interns while also creating networks between trainees, particularly those in isolated and rural areas. The IPAPIC seeks to provide networks for agencies, IPA, and IPA members, in an effort to provide growth in the psychology community and IPA specifically. The IPAPIC works closely with the IPA Early Career Psychologists section of IPA to provide mentorship opportunities to the new interns. IPAPIC also endeavors to utilize training and relationships to provide psychological services to underserved populations.

What or who is in charge of the IPAPIC?

IPAPIC is an independent non-profit entity, managed by a Board of Directors that meets quarterly. The Board is comprised of Licensed Clinical Psychologists in the state of Illinois, postdoctoral fellows, as well as an Administrative Intern and graduate student representative, as outlined and stipulated in the IPAPIC Bylaws. The Board is run by the IPAPIC Training Director and is responsible for reporting general business back to IPA. The Board of Directors oversees the application of new membership sites to the consortium, manages and maintains the IPAPIC membership with APPIC, and services as an appeals board should students have a grievance at a Membership Site. Membership Sites function relatively independently but while remaining compliant with IPAPIC (and therefore APPIC) polices, procedures, and requirements. For a list of current IPAPIC Board Members, click here.

Am I applying to the IPAPIC as a whole single entity, or am I applying to a specific training track?

Applicants are applying to a specific membership site (AKA training track, consortium members) with their specific match number.

Can I apply to the IPAPIC, or do I have to apply to individual sites?

No, your application must be tailored to each training track where you wish to apply.

Can I apply to more than one membership site within the IPAPIC?

Yes. Applicants may apply to more than one track within the IPAPIC, which need to be listed separately with each membership site’s APPIC match number.

Are application due dates the same for each training track in the IPAPIC?

Yes. All applications are typically due on December 1, annually. Check the APPIC portal for details.

Do all training tracks within IPAPIC share an APPIC Match Number?

No. Each training track has a unique number. See each membership site’s page for details and their specific match number.

Do all sites within IPAPIC provide the same stipend and benefits?

Yes, all IPAPIC sites offer an $31,000 stipend and are subject to APPIC policies. See the individual site’s description in the IPAPIC Handbook for details about each site’s benefits (if applicable).

What is the training experience like at the IPAPIC?

The training experience varies from training track to training track and students should read about each membership site and determine where they feel they would best fit. All Graduate Interns come together for weekly group supervisions, didactics, and peer supervision.

Where are the training sites located?

Training sites are scattered around Chicagoland. Some sites are in the city, while others are in the suburbs. For specific locations, please reference membership site websites.

Under what theoretical orientation(s) does the IPAPIC practice?

Each training track differs in its client population, setting, and theoretical orientation. Consult each site’s page for details.

If I have questions, whom should I contact?

Please direct all questions to the supervisor(s) at each individual site. Contact information for site supervisors can be found on each training site’s IPAPIC webpage. If you have questions for the Consortium as a whole, please direct them to the IPAPIC Training Director, Dr. Gregory Sarlo.

Is access to a car required for placement in the Consortium?

Generally speaking, access to a car is required in order to train at IPAPIC.

Is the IPAPIC an APA accredited internship?

No, IPAPIC is not an APA accredited internship. The IPAPIC is a longstanding member of APPIC, and all membership sites are APPIC approved through membership in the IPAPIC. In 2016 the IPAPIC applied for an APA educational grant for the development of new APA accredited sites. The consortium was awarded a $20,000 grant in 2016 to aid in the application for accreditation. IPAPIC is currently in the process of completing an APA self-study.

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Illinois, affiliated with a training facility, and am interested in becoming a member of the IPAPIC; what do I do?

Please contact the current IPAPIC Training Director, Dr. Gregory Sarlo for more information about the application process.

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