Training Overview

The training experience at IPAPIC is an organized educational and experiential program designed to provide each Intern with a planned, programmed sequence of various experiences in mental health care. We seek to provide a learning environment that:

  1. Encourages teamwork and respect among behavioral health service providers;
  2. Develops each trainee’s clinical skills through closely supervised delivery of clinical services to clients;
  3. Encourages investigation and understanding of each client’s cultural issues that can influence treatment results;
  4. Provides an understanding of the professional, legal and ethical issues that challenge behavioral healthcare;
  5. Develops each trainee’s clinical style to reflect their individual talents and personality, while promoting responsibility and compassion for their clients.

The IPAPIC internship experience provides training in a range of psychological assessment and intervention activities conducted directly with clients. Training is primarily based on experiential learning. Trainees provide services directly to clients in the form of assessment, psychotherapy, consultation, and psychoeducation. Trainees will be exposed to a variety of psychological services and clients that are determined by the trainee’s level of education and experience. All experiences are guided by regular individual and group supervision, which forms the basis for personal and professional growth throughout the internship year.

• Each Intern is expected to complete a minimum of 2200 hours to complete the internship. The IPAPIC internship runs a full 12-month year, typically beginning July 1st. Should the required hours be accumulated before the 12 months elapse, Interns are still required to complete the full training year.

• Guidelines for direct service hours will be outlined in the sections describing each individual consortium site. In addition, specific expectations may be discussed with individual supervisors.

• Individual and group supervision are provided at each site. Didactic training and peer supervision with other consortium Interns are also requirements of IPAPIC. At least two hours of individual supervision by a Licensed Psychologist will be provided at each internship site.

• Regardless of which site at which you are matched, all services must be appropriately documented. A supervisor will regularly discuss with you the quantity and quality of your performance in relation to the program’s goals and expectations.

• At least twice annually, (at the 6-month period and at the end of the training experience) Interns are officially evaluated by their supervisor on various competencies. In addition, the supervisor will regularly evaluate Interns on their performance and identify strengths and challenges. The 6-month and final evaluation covers the following core areas that IPAPIC has determined are indicators of quality performance:

1. Overall Therapy Knowledge
2. Assessment Competence
3. Intervention Competence
4. Research/Evaluation Competence
5. Consultation/Education Competence
6. Management/Supervision Competence
7. Diversity Competence
8. Communication Competence
9. Professional Conduct
10. Leadership and Initiative
11. Priority Management
12. Documentation
13. Ethics and Confidentiality

Click here to view the current IPAPIC Training Handbook.

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