LifeWorks Psychotherapy Center (LifeWorks)


LifeWorks Psychotherapy Center (LPC) is an “explicitly inclusive” practice — embracing diversity in all its forms and welcoming clients of all ages, ethnicities, races, spiritual practices and religious traditions, genders and sexual orientations.  LifeWorks staff have many years of experience working with transitions, issues and conflicts related to relationships and identities that are marginalized or largely unsupported by society such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, kink/BDSM, non-monogamy, open relationshipspolyamory, sex work, etc…

LifeWorks provides individual and relationship psychotherapy as well as support groups for adults. We have been 100% telehealth since mid-March 2020.  Prior to the pandemic, we worked from 3 locations: Skokie, Lakeview and the Central Loop.  When we return to face-to-face interactions, interns are expected to do some of their clinical hours, most supervision and all training modules in the Skokie office.

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Internship Training at LifeWorks

Please note that the APPIC match number for LifeWorks Psychotherapy Center is 215814.

Deadline: December 1, 2022

Match Number: 215814

Length: 1 year

Total Hours: 40 – 45 hrs./wk

Direct Service Hours: 25 hrs./wk

Stipend: $31,000

LPC has a passion for working with the populations we serve and a keen interest and commitment to incorporating or deepening the use of a depth approach to psychotherapy and developing their identities as professionals. Interns not only gain experience with a diverse array of presenting concerns but are also involved in a group private practice committed to training and development in an interdisciplinary team environment. Clients typically present with a range of social, emotional and relationship issues ranging from acute to chronic difficulties. Some clients may not have insurance, while others may utilize private insurance. Interns typically engage in at least 20-25 hours of direct service weekly. The remaining clinical hours during the week are spent obtaining supervision, attending onsite in-service modules, consortium-wide didactics and completing relevant reports and notes in accord with practice policies and procedures. In addition, Interns participate in monthly team meetings, a staff process group, case consultations and at least one committee (Equity, Speakers’ Bureau, or Happiness). Upon completion of the Internship experience, Interns will demonstrate competency in domains set forth by APA in treatment, case management and consultation.

The growing visibility and cultural acceptance of non-mainstream identities, lifestyles and relationships has given rise to increased demand for psychologists who can respond competently to requests for professional services from culturally specific clients.

This program focuses on three elements we consider important to meet the needs of the communities of clients we serve:

  1. deepening the clinical interviewing, case formulation and therapeutic skills from within a depth psychotherapy perspective,
  2. strengthening each intern’s identity as a therapist and expanding the capacity to use their unique strengths, experiences and identities as a psychologist, and
  3. developing cultural competence (attitudes, skills and knowledge) related to LGB, trans and gender non-binary, queer, consensual non-monogamy & kink/BDSM as well as sex workers.

The LifeWorks intern training program is lead, managed and overseen by licensed psychologist, Cindy Trawinski, Psy.D., Danielle Carlson, LMFT is the Clinical Director overseeing requests for service and case assignments. Antonia Jurkovic, Psy.D. and Ariel K. Gaines, Psy.D. are licensed clinical psychologists and supervisors. Hayat Nadar, Psy.D. and Carloina Arboleda are post-doctoral fellows.

Please consult the Training Handbook for more information about the training schedule and trainee benefits at LifeWorks Psychotherapy Center.