About the Consortium

The Illinois Psychological Association Psychology Internship Consortium (IPAPIC) was founded to join together training organizations in Illinois to create training opportunities for Illinois psychology Interns. IPAPIC endeavors to grow each and every year by joining with new organizations to offer new training prospects. An important mission of IPAPIC is to offer services to underserved communities. By linking agencies, IPAPIC is able to offer such services, since the consortium shares training and supervision responsibilities. IPAPIC is a multi-site training program that provides organized, sequential learning experiences for doctoral Interns. The Consortium ensures an integrated training experience through shared standards, common procedures, and joint didactic learning programs. The Consortium brings together urban and rural training sites to provide broad exposure to differing models of training and service delivery. There is a particularly strong emphasis on advanced training in cultural competence.

This website is dedicated to the IPA training consortium only. If you are looking for information about IPA, including information about membership or to contact IPA staff, please visit http://www.illinoispsychology.org/.

To apply to one of the sites in the IPAPIC, please apply through the APPIC website and directory using each site’s unique APPIC match code.


The mission of the IPA Consortium is to offer quality psychology training in diverse settings to doctoral Interns in the state of Illinois while also creating networks between trainees, agencies, IPA, and IPA members.

Our Pledge to Clients

We believe with the right skills and methods to implement them, our clients can take charge of the problems that disrupt their lives. To that end, the quality of care and services we render to our clients are the highest priorities. We pledge our efforts to achieve these goals and fulfill our mission.



We respect all customers without regard to race, sex, age, disability, health status, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or faith.


We strive for sensitive, humane, and respectful relationships with everyone we care for and with whom we work.


We continually strive to assess and reassess all processes within our organization to improve our performance.


We believe in effective leadership by promoting an organizational culture that focuses on continually improving performance for all client needs in a collaborative effort to fulfill IPAPIC’s mission statement.


We believe in a team-integrated service that promotes trust and safety, as well as clear and open communication.


We strive for excellence by committing resources to ongoing education and training that will result in qualified component care providers.


We believe our customers are entitled to quality health care services.

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