Didactic Trainings

Didactic trainings are offered regularly to all IPAPIC Interns. Many training opportunities are offered over the course of the training experience; some are mandatory and many more are optional depending on your interest area. Approval must be received from your supervisor prior to attending any outside or non-mandatory training when it conflicts with your training or clinical schedule. Trainings include seminars, monthly case presentations, group supervision, and grand rounds. Regardless of which site an Intern is matched, Interns may attend trainings at other consortium sites. Various IPAPIC training tracks routinely offers additional seminars, which are available at no cost to all IPAPIC Interns. Intern training is shared across sites to offer a breadth of training. Interns attend the didactic/seminar at the site at which he or she matched, as well as one didactic per month with the consortium Intern cohort. Supervisor availability, as well as Intern interests, will determine topics. Please see the Training Handbook for more information on available trainings.

Previous topics include:
• Strategies for Effective Supervision
• Assessment in Art Therapy
• ACT Approached in Therapy
• The Use of Technology in Therapy
• Clinical Implications of HIV
• Ethical Decision-Making Models
• Group Dynamics
• Clinical Implications of Trauma
• The Impact of Microaggressions in Supervision and Therapy
• Termination in Supervision and Therapy