Center for Personal Growth (CPG)


Center for Personal Growth, PLLC (CPG) is a multi-specialty private practice in Carol Stream, Illinois. Dr. Erin Liebich maintains overall responsibility for Intern training experiences. Dr. Liebich is an active Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Illinois. She is the Owner and Clinical Director of CPG and oversees all functions of the clinical practice, including referrals, case assignments, assessment, treatment, clinical record keeping, and evaluation of Interns.

CPG_ImageCPG’s staff consists of two Illinois Licensed Psychologists, two Post-Doctoral Fellows, two Licensed therapists, and several assessment, therapy, and advanced externs. Staff members carry clinical responsibility for the cases being supervised and provide supervision. Dr. Liebich and Dr. Santoyo provide at least two hours per week of regularly scheduled individual supervision. Supervision focuses on both professional and personal growth, encouraging the Intern to critically evaluate aspects of culture, diversity, professional skills, and personal predispositions within the work with each client.

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Graduate Internship Training

Please note that the APPIC match number for Center for Personal Growth is 215813.

Deadline: December 1, 2022

Match Number: 215813

Length: 1 year

Total Hours: 40 – 45 hrs./wk

Direct Service Hours: 25 hrs./wk

Stipend: $31,000

Center for Personal Growth is a private group practice located in Carol Stream, a western suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Interns at CPG provide psychological services to diverse populations, most especially clients with motor and neurodevelopmental disabilities, childhood trauma, eating disorders, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) clients. Other areas of practice at CPG include individual, family, couples, and group therapy, as well as child-centered play therapy and sand tray therapy. Services conducted at CPG include therapy, psychological and neuropsychological assessment, groups, and community presentations. CPG is a theoretically diverse site with Humanistic theory as the foundation of all treatment approaches. An emphasis is placed on utilizing individual and cultural factors as well as empirically-based practices to inform treatment. Interns will be trained in Client-Centered treatment approaches as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

At CPG, Interns not only gain experience with a diverse array of presenting concerns but are also involved in learning the nature of running a group private practice. Clients’ typical diagnostic presentations vary from acute to chronic difficulties. Some clients may not have insurance, while others may utilize private insurance or Medicaid health plans. In addition, the Intern at CPG is given the opportunity to provide direct weekly clinical and administrative peer supervision for 2-4 diagnostic, therapy, and advanced externs training at CPG. Interns typically engage in at least 20-25 hours of direct service weekly. The remaining clinical hours during the week are spent in providing and obtaining supervision, research, assessment administration, scoring, report writing, and record keeping. At the completion of the Internship experience, Interns will demonstrate competency in domains set forth by APA in treatment, assessment, group work, case management, and consultation. CPG’s diverse training and supportive supervisory environment aims to facilitate personal and professional advancement and to produce a doctoral level psychologist candidate who is prepared for a promising career.

Please consult the Training Handbook for more information about the training schedule and trainee benefits at Center for Personal Growth.