The Illinois Psychological Association Psychology Internship Consortium (IPAPIC) is an independent non-profit entity, managed by a Board of Directors that meets quarterly. The Board is comprised of Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Illinois, as well as an Administrative Intern and graduate student representative, as outlined and stipulated in the IPAPIC Bylaws. The Board is run by the IPAPIC Training Director, and is responsible for reporting general business back to IPA. The Board of Directors oversees the application of new membership sites to the consortium, manages and maintains the IPAPIC membership with APPIC, and services as an appeals board should students have a grievance at a Membership Site. Membership Sites function relatively independently but while remaining compliant with IPAPIC (and therefore APPIC) polices, procedures, and requirements.

The current IPAPIC Board of Directors:

Director of Training Gregory Sarlo, Psy.D.
Treasurer Daniel Brewer, Psy.D.
Secretary Blaine Lesnik, Psy.D.
Board Member Karla Steingraber, Psy.D.
Board Member Mike Ideran, D.Min.
Board Member Abby Brown, Psy.D.
Board Member Fahad Khan, Psy.D.
Board Member Patricia Pimental, Psy.D.
Board Member Cindy Trawinski, Psy.D.
Board Member Erin Liebich, Psy.D.
Administrative Intern Jordan Biedrzycki, MA
Student Representative (IPAGS) Vacant