River Valley Detention Center (RVDC)

River Valley Detention Center is a 102-bed facility located in Joliet, Illinois. Developed as a joint venture between Will and Kankakee counties, RVDC is a temporary detention center for male and female juveniles between the ages of 10 and 18 awaiting Court decisions on their cases. Minors who have allegedly committed a delinquent offense may be detained. RVDC also provides temporary detention to adolescents awaiting trial within the adult Court. To be detained, a juvenile must be a danger to the community or themselves, likely to flee the jurisdiction of the Court, or have been taken into custody under a warrant.

The mission of the River Valley Mental Health Team is to promote the emotional, social, and psychological well-being of residents and to facilitate change within a safe, structured, encouraging environment, while remaining sensitive to cultural and individual diversity. RVDC offers services including weekly individual and group therapy for youth, Court-ordered inpatient and outpatient family therapy, psychological and psychosexual assessment, as well as crisis management.

For more about River Valley Detention Center, please visit our website at: http://www.rivervalleydetention.com

Graduate Internship Training

Please note that the APPIC match number for River Valley Detention Center is 215818.

 December 15, 2017

Match Number: 215818

Length: 1 year

Total Hours: 45 hrs./wk

Direct Service Hours: 25 hrs./wk

Stipend: $18,000

At River Valley Detention Center (RVDC), Dr. Kathryn Murphy maintains overall responsibility for Intern training experiences. The overall goals of the training program are intended to help interns transition from trainees to entry level psychologists. This is accomplished through the provision of clinical services to youth and their families who are involved in the juvenile justice system. Through their experiences, Interns receive training and become proficient in the following domains: clinical assessment, clinical intervention, diversity, psychology and juvenile justice, professional development, ethical and professional behavior, as well as consultation, training, and supervision. The predoctoral Internship program at RVDC also includes weekly individual and group supervision, as well as didactic trainings.
Interns at RVDC will have the following experiences:

  • Weekly individual and group therapy with youth detained at River Valley Detention Center;
  • Inpatient family therapy when ordered by the Court;
  • Outpatient individual and family therapy for Court involved youth and families;
  • Court-ordered psychological testing for youth who are detained;
  • Outpatient psychological testing with Court-involved youth;
  • Crisis management for detained youth;
  • Daily assessment of stability for youth on special detention status, such as suicide watch or segregation;
  • Completion of a clinical interview/intake with each detained youth;
  • Training detention staff on mental health-related topics;
  • Consultation;
  • Supervision of doctoral level practicum students completing their externships at RVDC;
  • Individual supervision with two licensed clinical psychologists;
  • Group supervision with Mental Health Team; and
  • Didactics.

Please consult the Training Handbook for more information about the training schedule and trainee benefits at River Valley Detention Center.