Genesis Therapy Center (GTC)

genesis-therapy-logo-copy-jpgThe Genesis Therapy Center (GTC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit community mental health organization founded in 1987 by Dr. Cathy Fairfield, Dr. C. Michael Ideran, and Dr. Bruce Bonecutter. Since its inception, GTC has provided high quality psychological assessment, counseling, and consultation services to individuals, couples, families, and organizations. A core mission of GTC is to remain involved in its surrounding community, sensitive to the needs of the indigent, and to provide affordable mental health care services for all.

Presently, GTC operates out of seven offices within the Chicagoland area, allowing the site to offer an extensive variety of training experiences to all trainees. GTC is an interdisciplinary practice comprised of Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Doctors of Ministry, Masters of Divinity, a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, and a Registered Art Therapist. These licensed professionals train students to provide all levels of outpatient treatment of psychological stressors, disorders, and substance abuse problems.

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Graduate Internship Training

Please note that the APPIC match number for Genesis Therapy Center is 215816.

Deadline: December 1, 2021

Match Number: 215816

Length: 1 year

Total Hours: 45 hrs./wk

Direct Service Hours: 25 hrs./wk

Stipend: $28,000

At GTC, trainee supervision is provided by staff members or qualified affiliates who carry clinical responsibility for the cases being supervised. At least two hours per week of regularly scheduled individual supervision is provided by one or more doctoral-level Licensed Psychologists. Interns also receive one hour of supervision per week centered on their provision of clinical and administrative peer supervision of externs. In addition, Interns are required to attend monthly group supervision, staff meetings, and a professional development seminar. Supervision is provided with the specific purpose of addressing and evaluating psychological services rendered directly by the trainee. Interns at GTC will be expected to diversify their training experience by working with every supervisor in accordance with the supervisor’s area of professional expertise.

Interns are expected to log an average of 45 hours per week working at GTC. The primary focus of the Interns will be on direct client service. Caseloads typically build to an average of 25 client hours per week. The clients served by Interns are children, adolescents and adults in individual, couple, and family modalities. In addition, there are several ongoing groups which Interns may be expected to co-lead, including social skills groups for children, parent support groups for families, and STEP for parents and other programs.

A unique component of training at GTC is the opportunity to provide clinical and administrative peer supervision for externs training at GTC. Interns typically work with 2 or 3 students throughout the year. Interns participate in supervisory meetings with senior staff to discuss the progress of the externs monthly. They are also expected to assist in the facilitation of orientation and training the new externs at the beginning of the year, including planning for and attending the overnight orientation retreat in August. This 24-hour orientation retreat is designed to accomplish three goals: personal development, team development, and professional development.

Pre-doctoral Interns can opt for training and supervision in conducting psychological testing. In addition to GTC’s extensive on-site testing library, graduate student trainees are welcome to use other tests from the libraries at their graduate institutions.

Please consult the Training Handbook for more information about the training schedule and trainee benefits at GTC.

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